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Ni Qianmei  倪芊玫

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"My family brought me the familiar life experience, which constitutes my emotional belonging."

Ni Qianmei abstracts family from intimate generational relationships as a cultural reference, delving into the independence of social identity and gender, as well as the familial belonging and love.

She works across painting, video, performance and photography, crafts autobiographies of individual identities and collective memories from different historical backgrounds. In her researches, personal authentic experiences and fictional landscapes are often juxtaposed and coexisting within blurred boundaries. As she amplifies the characteristics and subjectivity of each person,  elements in her art works from past and future intertwine, presenting a multiplicity of identifies within a family across different eras, cultures and political contexts.

Personal Information

Ni Qianmei, born in 1995 in Sichuan, China. In 2014 entered in the art academic Chengdu and studied Oil Painting. Graduated in 2018 as bacholor.​ 

Came to Germany in 2020,  studys  fine Art in Kunsthochschule Kassel . 

Now work and study in Gemany.


2014 - 2018

Chengdu Kunsthochschule, Sichuan, China

2021 - current

Kassel Kunsthochschule, Germany

Gust student in Malerei Klasse, Düsseldorf Kunst Akademie, Germany



2023.09 Museums Nacht Kassel 2023 - Foto Motel, Kassel, Germany

2023.02 Guilty of cardboard pleasures - Hafenstr.76 Kassel, Germany

2022.05 Mach dein Ding  - Galerie Bodenseekreis in Roten Haus, Meerburg, Germany.

2021.12 wir alle sind Gespenster - Kunstverein Kassel museum fridericianum Kassel, Germany.

2021.06 Rundgang - Kunsthochschule Kassel , Germany

2018.12 EMeishan art exhibition of Paintings and Calligraphy - Emeishan,China

2018.06 Graduation's exhabition - Chendu Kunsthochschule , China

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